Thursday, March 13, 2008

A very long title..

The trailer has finally been let loose.
Looks like a lot of monster mashing fun.
I don't know what I think of this new incredibly vein-y Hulk though.
Whatever problems the Ang Lee flick had, I always thought it had a good take on how the Hulk should look. Big. Very big, in fact, but not like he spends all his non-smashing time in the gym. Maybe that's just me though.


thomas said...

The lack of finny ear things on Abomination makes me sad.

chrishaley said...

Did you leave that same comment on the Newsarama boards?

Dylan said...

Sorry Chris, I'm with Thomas on this one. I understand that some things don't translate to the screen very well, but come on, are tiny finny ears really that much more ridiculous than a green steroid victim in tiny purple cutoffs?

I'm just sayin'.

chrishaley said...

Dylan - What're you talking about, man?!
You think I don't want the fin ears?!
That's just crazy talk.

Dylan said...

Chris, I think you want them, but do you want them bad enough?

Did I just blow your mind?

chrishaley said...

:Insert Keanu style "Whoa" here.: