Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thrust into the world..

First in a series of quick sketches I did at trivia last night in Joey's little photo idea book.
The theme (as suggested by Joey) will quickly emerge.
Though done between rounds, they did not help us win... which is to say, we did not win.


april said...

yes! pancakes, indeed!

jason quinones said...

nice one!
i like the way you colored it. it really pops! this done on a post it??

and i do prefer clicking on the image and it just poping up as opposed to the flikr link. it took forever to load (for me anyway)the old way.

chrishaley said...

April - Indeed.

chrishaley said...

Jason - Thanks, man! It was done in a little Moleskin book.

Necessity was the mother of invention on the move away from Flickr as I can't access it at work anymore and the internet is out at home. Glad it's working out better for you this way.

thomas said...

Superman's been exposed to maple kryptonite! A little known from from Kryptonian Canada that makes you see all foodstuffs as pancakes. It didn't come up much in the comics.

I think this may be my favorite take of yours on Superman, Chris.

chrishaley said...

Thomas - Yes! I'm off to the Silver Age back issues section of my LCS.

Glad you dig it. What about it makes it your favorite? I'm just curious.