Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snow on top of snow..

As an early Christmas present to my favorite comic-making partner/megaphone crooner and with special help from a piece of paper, I have made the following cartoon.

It's Curt in his standard attire.. which is to say, the attire of Richie Rich.



jason quinones said...

nobody messes with a man with a bitch slappin' hand THAT big!!

although i'm sure the daisy dukes knocks a few points off his street cred.

really like the "rough ink" look in this one. bit of a classic comic strip character feel to it.

chrishaley said...

JQ - You said it. Curt keeps his pimp hand strong.

As to the short pants, I think when you're that rich you're able to get away with things like that.

Also, thanks a lot.