Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gettin' everybody pumped up..

In lieu of any real content, here's this..

chrishaley and Van Halen
Click the photo for notes.

This is me singing with Van Halen in May of 1998 in Boston, MA for those who didn't believe me.
I wish I was talented enough with Photoshop for this to be a fake, but it actually happened.
The proof was on MTV on the show "FANatic".


Joel Priddy said...

You have walked with gods. How can you abide the company of we mere mortals?

april said...

PLEASE tell peggy to find the vhs of this. then we can take it to a museum and watch it on one of those...what're they called? VCRs?

seriously, though. i've secretly suspected you of lying this whole time. i still won't believe it until i see the tape.

Sean George said...

I think you should skip this Van Halen stuff and just front Deathklok, or maybe Sloan.