Thursday, August 02, 2007

You hurt me!

Guess what day it is?
It's Comic-Con Photo Parade Batday!

The Batmobile
I got to see the newly refurbished Batmobile.
Curt and I were working on a plan to steal it that never panned out.

He's Batman.
Then I met Batman!
I cropped out the creepy Robin he had with him.
Trust me, things are better this way.

Then I met this Robin who wasn't particularly creepy at all.
He was more friendly than creepy.
Great costume too.

April and Catwoman
Then April met Catwoman!
This was about as close to seeing Catwoman walk out of the comic as I think was possible. She had the costume, the look, and the attitude all down perfectly.
This was definitely the hottest picture I took at the show.
April was a little flustered after this.
Here's another picture of that Catwoman I found elsewhere.
Catwoman... Yowza!

1 comment:

josh said...

damn. i'm going next year.

did you happen to get involved in any of the joker stuff that was going on?