Friday, August 31, 2007

I Heart Comics.

I'm putting words in his mouth, but it's true!
Comics are awesome!

Superman vs He-Man
Are you kidding me?! "From Eternia with DEATH!"
I dare you to try and tell me that's not exploding with awesomeness!
Comics are strange and beautiful and I absolutely love them.

Orion of the New Gods! AvengersClassic4Cover Spirit_Harvey1 6829_400x600 Vinyl Underground Cap%2025 1449_4_185 cw70 SHOW_ATM_TPB1_solicit USFREE_Cv3 cv_spirit7_cooke_600 23474_4_001 23474_4_002 23474_4_008 23474_4_004 B320D004 B320E006 Avengers Classics #1 JK_4th_world_1 borntorun teentitans38tty1-promo TINYTITANS CW_73_Previews captmrvl impp Flash0-00 OMEG002 PUNWARJ013 CountdownJimmyOlsenSpecial abbott_and_costello_2 The Human Fly #1 SPIDERMAN_FF_3 cover_final THOR003 xforce-01 FRI13-Cv6_solicit BMEGO_AOT_HC_solicit poweADD onibk_274 NEWAVN034_lo 2007-06-02_141437_ait29sm WWv2ANN01_solicit SPRT_Cv10_solicit 200706291129 Empowered_Vol_1_TBP 232 WOLF-COVER-3-COLORS foom19 7825_400x600 inv46covercol Machine_Man_01-00 RB_AnlCv7_solicit pilrimagecover AC_Cv857_solicit BM_TSALE_HC_solicit LSHCY_Cv7_solicit JLU_Cv38_solicit HOWARDV2001 v4_cover_mockup_2d
And this was just the stuff I had handy in a hurry!
I love movies and toys and books and great TV and video games, but nothing you can look at is better than comics.
Comics are like the Superman of entertainment.
No one's bigger, no one's better, and no one can beat him.
That's comics, and comics are awesome.


Curt Franklin said...

It's true. Comics are awesome. They've done a lot for me and I owe them.

chrishaley said...

You and me both, man.