Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I wait for signals.

So, I've got this superhero character I've made up named Tiger Claw.
He's something along the lines of a pop-hero.
Think Madman, X-Statix.. you know, come to think of it imagine he lives in the Allred-verse and that should give you an idea of what I had in mind.
Point is, I've been working for a while on some kind of logo/emblem to go on his chest and I haven't cared for anything I've come up with so far.
This is where you come to my rescue.
I've toyed around with circles and other shapes with tiger paws in them, shapes with a T in them, shapes with claw marks in them, etc. Nothing has felt right.
I'm happy to admit that this may be due to my own artistic shortcomings and not due to those being bad ideas.
I'd post pictures of what the rest of his costume looks like, but it might change completely with a truly inspired emblem.
I'll say that he is a superhero, he has a utility belt, and he carries a ray gun.
If anyone wants to give something a shot, please feel free.

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Paul Conrad said...

This sounds pretty cool.... send me some sketches of what you've done on the logo and I'll give you some feedback...

rock on