Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've stepped away from it.

So if you look over to your right, you'll see (via the "Right now..") that I finally got to read the new All Star Batman & Robin.

You know, the one that took over a year to come out.

It's as though the longer this book takes to come out the worse it is.

If you haven't read it already, feel free to check out this 5 page preview of one of the worst comics ever.

It seems that however good All Star Superman is, ASB&R has to be the exact same amount in awful to keep the universe balanced.

Remember that this "All Star" line was supposed to be the comics that distilled the characters down to their most recognizable essences. This line is supposed to be the stories you can give to anyone, your mom, your dad, your grandparents, your nephews and nieces, your friends, your friend's little brother, your boy or girlfriend. The stories anyone can pick up and enjoy.

Now, call me crazy, but I don't think a comic that features Wonder Woman calling someone a "sperm bank" (no joke) is something I'd want to share with anyone, let alone people who I want to introduce to comics.

The ISB has a great review focusing on the absurd hilarity of it's awfulness, while Rachelle has a running commentary that softens some of the blow of reading the actual comic.

Is this whole thing some kind of sick joke that Frank Miller's playing on us, or has he honestly gone batshit (ha) insane? I could completely appreciate this if I knew it was intentionally being funny. I would be upset that Miller was hurting the All Star line for a joke, but I could at least feel like it was okay that I was laughing at this comic that Jim Lee and DC are wasting their time on.

If I don't get some answers here, Curt and I have every intention of getting answers in San Diego.


april said...

hey! i'll be in san diego too, you know. did you think i was going for the pizza and fellowship?

Joel Priddy said...

I didn't make it past the page-wide panty-shot in the first issue of ASSBAT. I'm kind of gratified to hear that it hasn't gotten any better.

What breaks my little geek heart is that this is the visionary directing The Spirit's movie. Do you think he'll turn P'gell into a ninja or a prostitute?

What am I asking? In the Frankiverse, all women are ninja prostitutes.

chrishaley said...

April - I just meant Curt and I have already talked about getting some answers out of Mr. Miller.

chrishaley said...

Joel - Oh, man. No kidding. I read the newest issue of The Spirit last night right before bed, and then I couldn't go to sleep because I was thinking about how great it was and how not at all like what I'd just read FM's version was going to be. I was trying to explain to April why it's probably going to be godawful.

josh said...

Because I've read this comis is so terrible, should I pick it up just to laugh at the absurdity of it all? Or would that act cause the Devil to cackle maniacally while wringing his gnarled hands?

chrishaley said...

Josh - I'd have to imagine both things would happen. Plus, I'm sure Frank.. I mean "The Devil" is already cackling maniacally as he counts the dump truck full of money DC gave him.

josh said...

If that act might make the Devil happy, and understandably, make God cry, would buying the TPB of All Star Superman kill the devil and make all the angels like super angels?

chrishaley said...

That's the best thing I've read all day.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

I gave up on Frank Miller after that steaming dung-heap better known as DK2...which I like to call Dookie 2. It's sad, but I just made myself laugh like a junior high lad with that one so I guess I'll stick with it. Frank Miller sucks.