Friday, January 05, 2007

More work pictures.

Enjoy some pictures from where I work.
These are all clickable of course. If I'm not mistaken they all have notes on them too... because that's fun.


josh said...

do you work at the greatest place ever? i think so. or at the very least, you have to coolest desk ever. at my job, i don't think i can have awesome stuff like that, but at least i get to sit on photoshop most of the day.

chrishaley said...

Yeah, it's pretty rad.
The rest of the office doesn't look nearly as cool as my area does, but it's still pretty neat.
Did you check out the notes showing what everything was?

Odd Josh said...

indeed i did. awesome stuff. like all the calendars.

also, i've started one of these blogspots, to post artwork and such. it's at, or you can just click my name above. i'd love to know what you think about my stuff.