Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thinking about life.

I think one of the scariest things about life is not that no one can tell us what's going to happen, it's that no one can tell us anything.
Everyday we wake up and even if we go through our regular routine and it all runs like clockwork we're still stuck in the middle of a mystery we may never solve.
All of us.
I was thinking about the trailer for that movie "The Invisible", and as often the case in those kinds of movies, eventually the protagonist meets someone who can explain what's going on to him. In this case, the old man explains to the kid that if he can solve the mystery of his own death he gets a chance to live again.
Sometimes the "hero" doesn't have the aid of an old man to spell it out, instead he stumbles across all the right clues or finds a book or some other convenient plot device that helps the movie have something resembling forward momentum.

We never get that.
Do we?

Maybe we do at some point and no one's told me.

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