Thursday, July 27, 2006

I stumble in the hallway..

So I draw on a lot of Post-It notes at work as they are what's readily available for my scribbling pleasure.
Here's an alien, possibly the Martian Manhunter..

Okay, so have you ever seen on Aquaman cartoons or in Aquaman comics how sometimes he'll ride on a giant seahorse? Not so much in more modern or recent comics or cartoons, but back in the older stuff he'd do that.
A lot.
I think he even named the thing. Stormy? Does that sound right?
My point is if your one big thing was that you were a great swimmer wouldn't you want to avoid riding something that makes your powers totally unnecessary?
I mean, that'd be like if The Flash decided to start riding some really fast horse.
He'd look like an idiot. People would laugh their asses off if The Flash showed up to a crime scene or whatever on a horse.
At the very least, he'd look incredibly lazy.
Neither of these are positive scenarios for a superhero.


Anonymous said...

Or Wolverine throwing steak knives.


Chris said...

Haha. Exactly!