Friday, June 30, 2006

I've been waiting my whole life for this.

Worth the 19 years it's taken since the last one.
Worth every second I've spent waiting for it since then.
Worth the 25 years I've been alive that I've had to wait to see this happen.

Just saying that it's my favorite movie ever is hardly doing it justice.

It is my most sincere wish that you will see it and understand what I've meant all this time. That you'll feel changed like some of the people I've spoken to after the three times I've seen it.
That you'll be open to what it's trying to give you.
Because what it's trying to give you is one of the most powerful things you could receive. Hope.

From an MSNBC article..
Lois won her Pulitzer with the sour-grapes editorial “Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman,” and our own mainstream media are now taking their cues from it. They’re asking: Is Superman still “relevant” (i.e., profitable) in a moviegoing world that loves the dark suits and darker attitudes of the X-Men? Superman’s all red undies and boy scout niceties. Will the kids still dig him?

Here’s an answer. His relevance can be seen in how many groups are still laying claim to him. Some say he’s Jewish (fleeing a planetary holocaust, hiding in plain sight). Some say he’s gay (a secret life, changing in closets, flamboyant outfit). Some say he’s Jesus (sent by his heavenly father to show humans the light).

Me? I say he’s my nephew. Last Christmas I bought him a Superman T-shirt and now it’s all he can talk about. “You not Superman,” he tells anyone who’ll listen. “I Superman!” He’s three.

Will the kids still dig him?

What a dumb question. Of course they will. He’s Superman.

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