Sunday, April 02, 2006

but I can learn self-control...

I'm going to try to put more stuff on a more regular basis so as to motivate me to do more.
Does that make sense?


josh said...

very nice.

if only christopher walken could do the voice of namor in a sub-mariner cartoon.

wouldn't that be amazing?

wouldn't it?

Chris said...


Yes it would.

josh said...

i don't really know if you were going for the snl blue oyster cult sketch when filling up namor's speech bubble, but it's the first thing that hit me when i read it. you should animate this as a flash and add in the sound clip from that sketch. surely it'd be entertaining.

Chris said...

I was, because it seems like the kind of jerky thing Namor would say.
If I knew anything at all about Flash (besides the one who runs really fast whom I know a LOT about) then I would be more than happy to try to make that happen.