Thursday, August 11, 2005

Make your own Nintendo controller!

Play the classic NES Metroid for free on your computer.. except in 3D.

If you're interested in Minimates, has quite a few drastically on sale.


josh said...

that nintendo controller fake editor is awesome. kinda reminds me of this thing i saw a while back where it was a pic reportedly showing the revolution controller, but it was just a photoshop'd gamecube controller with a big button that said WIN where the normal buttons would be. it was hilarious and i could not stop laughing.

also, sorry for not commenting here in a while. i've been extremely busy and haven't had as much access to the internet as usual. i haven't abandoned you though! still reading and enjoying. and your knowledge of van halen is unparalleled!

Chris said...

No, it's me who's sorry for not having much to say on here in quite a while.
Your description of that Revolution controller is enough to make me laugh.. OL even.
Glad to know you're still around and reading though.