Thursday, July 14, 2005

Looney Tunes fan?
October 25th brings us all another reason to be excited.

Part 2 of the Alex Ross interview at Newsarama.

Winnie Cooper?!

Picture of the Day


josh said...

wow, winnie cooper really grew up, didn't she?

and that picture of the day has so much going on in it. i don't know what that's from, but we've got a nice mish-mash of different eras. we've got the adam west batmobile and the S on Superman is from Kingdom Come, as well as the gray hair. Coolness. Is that Ed McGuiness art ?

Chris said...

Apparently she has indeed.

Ed McGuinness, yes. The picture is from the third or fourth issue of Superman/Batman I believe. I know it's from that comic and from within the first 6 issues.

josh said...

ed mcguiness is one of those guys who has a super distinct style, at least to me, and i love the way he draws superman/batman. i figured it was from that series, but i wasn't sure.