Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Adam has been known to tell me I look like Benecio del Toro at times... and I've never wanted that to be true more than I do right now after having read this story about Scarlett Johansson.

Triple H is the new Conan.

An article on Superman from TIME Magazine.

Manga is the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry.
Did you know that? Read more.

A fine article on Stan Lee from USA Today's Money Section.

I still need to see Jersey Girl and Walking Tall. It's not news, I just didn't want to forget.

Fantastic Nintendo news from E3.
Mario fans click here.

Zelda fans click here.

Link prepares for his next great adventure. Wow.

A good rundown of Nintendo's E3 announcements, complete with pictures of the new Gameboy DS.
Just one of the tidbits about the DS: "..the DS supports 16 player wireless at 100 feet apart! Instant chat, draw, sending pictures to each other, and... If you get in range of other people, the DS automatically turns on, and activates online mode if you want."

This chicken may be the scariest looking thing I've ever seen.

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