Thursday, April 01, 2004

If there's anything out there as wonderful as this, I haven't found it..
The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman!

Harvard says downloading (of the illegal variety) is NOT responsible for the slump in records sales.
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Ash (the one with the Boomstick) is making his way to comics.

Mothman lives!

The first pictures of the new Batmobile?

If I could only recommend one comic to a person, this would definitely be on the list of possible candidates: INVINCIBLE: Family Matters (Vol. 1)
You could waste $10 on a lot worse.
It's worth giving a try.
Actually, you can go here and check out the entire first issue...
then read the first issues of Grrl Scouts, The Clockmaker, and Powers.
Chances are you'll thank me.
And if you're bored and at work, even if you don't like the comics, at least it will have killed some time.

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