Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Back before Christmas, you may recall me talking about Penny Arcade's attempts to show the world at large that gamers are not anti-social time-bombs just waiting to go off through their Child's Play program.
Here's a little follow up for those of you who are interested.
I'd like to think we (and when I say, I mean anyone who was involved in anyway) did some real good, not only for some very sick children, but for the public image of gamers everywhere.

Home Movies is one of my favorite shows, and the new season just started Sunday.
To celebrate this occasion why don't you watch this clip from one of the new episodes.
It almost made me cry with laughter.

Watch this week's e-mail and then have fun playing not one, but as many as FOUR Strong Bad computer games!

Because you know.. he probably should.

Has anyone ever heard of this show?

Good. You know your music. You should be able to
work at Championship Vinyl with Rob, Dick and

Do You Know Your Music (Sorry MTV Generation I Doubt You Can Handle This One)
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