Monday, December 29, 2003

For those of you that are fans of Kevin Smith and the Clerks animated series, you should go have a look at this immediately... or if you're more of a Dogma fan, have a look at this.

Rumor has it that Peter Jackson's "home cut" of Return of the King that should be hitting a DVD near you some time next year will be over 5 hours long.
I anticipate it greatly.

Speaking of things I anticipate greatly, why not have a look at this trailer?

You're Brendon! Oh're the egotistical
one! You're creative, likable, and more or less
the leader of your group of friends. You may
tend to piss people off with your witty-ness
and ability to do nothing you're supposed to
(I.E: homework :-p), but in the end, everyone
loves you!
which Home Movies character are you?
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