Thursday, September 04, 2003

If you don't know who Mike Nelson is, you probably aren't one of my friends, but if you do, then I'm 100% certain you will be absolutely delighted to watch this.
As a matter of fact, even if you don't know who he is, you should watch and enjoy it.

A link just for Party Sam.

And now, a little something for Jason.

For those of you that give a damn, Buffy is set to return in a guest appearance(s) on that Angel show.

I didn't even know they were working on Predator 3, but sure enough a script is being written as we speak. This film would (as you might expect) feature at least one Predator, but will also be centered around the character of "Dutch" originally played by Arnold Schwarznegger in the first film.
However, with Arnold now running for governor he won't be working on the film.
So who's up to replace him? None other than The Rock.
This is the second Arnold property that The Rock's been associated with, as Arnold was quoted as saying he'd want The Rock to play his son in the in development "King Conan/Conan: Crown of Iron" flick.

While I'm on the subject of franchises, the next Batman flick is scheduled to begin filming in February with Christopher Nolan (Memento, Insomnia) directing. Apparently, Nolan is going to be holding a huge casting call for all of the young Hollywood types over the next few days to decide who the next Batman will be.
Since this film is set to be a "Year One" story detailing how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, expect a much younger actor than previous Bat-films.
Jake Gyllenhall, Christian Bale, Joshua Jackson, Cillian Murphy are among those on Nolan's list of candidates. Bale seems like perfect casting to me, but I'm not in charge of these things. I'm the guy who was all for Jude Law playing Superman in the Batman vs Superman flick.

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