Thursday, July 17, 2003

A Brief History of America.. in animated form.

I'm a pretty big fan of the series of books known as Dinotopia.
Actually, I'm a pretty big fan of dinosaurs in general.
The point is, any day now a Dinotopia game will be dropping for the GameCube.
Even better is that it's only going to cost like twenty bucks.
Same deal with the Aquaman game.

A Watchmen movie? Can it be done?
(If you've never heard of Watchmen, get your ass to a quality bookstore or comic shop immediately.)

Rocko's Modern Life
You're Rocko's Modern Life!

The classic, hysterical cartoon about a Wallaby
(that's right--a wallaby) and his ordinary
every day life in O-Town. Which includes
working at "Kind-Of-A-Lot-O-Comics"
and hanging out with his rather dumb dog, and
two best friends--a steer and a turtle--all
while annoying (even if not purposely) his mean
neighbor Mr. Bighead.

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