Monday, December 02, 2002

I'd like to thank Megan and Stephen for their recent additions of Hip Today products to their homes, cars, or places of business. These are kids who know where it's at, wouldn't you like to join their ranks?

Edward says he's going to write something, and he asked if I'd put it on the site. I said, "Yes", so you can look forward to seeing that sometime soon hopefully.

A picture of Superman I drew not too long ago.

If you can download songs off Kazaa or something like that, you'd be doing yourself a favor by getting the song "Asylum" by Silverchair.

Possibly the single best line I've ever said or ever will say: "I'm going to die just like Jeff Hardy; flamboyant and falling off a ladder." (said to Edward while I was at the top of a very tall, very uncertain feeling ladder at work)

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