Friday, May 10, 2002

"When will you humans learn that your feelings, as you call them, can stand in the way of big cash payoffs!" - Creepy Lawyer on The Simpsons

I know you've all been waiting for this and it's finally here! What you're about to witness is the alternate names we've come up with for the new Super Mario game for the Nintendo Gamecube called Super Mario Sunshine. We originally started coming up with these names because we thought the one Nintendo chose was a little too.. I dunno.. fruity? Anyway, here we go!
Ultimate Mario Murder Murder, Super Uncheap Mario Ultimate, Mario Left Handed, Mario Hula, Mario Sticky, Helluva Mario Shakabingbang, Super Mario Sanchez, Super Mario Tongue Love, Mario Sack, Super Mario Fat Ass Hip Hop, Mario Wash Dishes, Cajun Mario, Super Mario Plunder, Super Mario Bros. Moustache Groomer, Super Mario Jeep Detailer, Super Mario Plumber Bulge, Mario Big Pants, Mario Backhand, Mario Chop Shop, Mario Putt 'N Pass, Super Mario Chinstrap, Mario Chubby, Super Mario Grand Theft Illegal, Super Mario Cheap Hat, Mario Two Vans, Super Mario Sex with Polar Bears, Super Mario Box Social, Super Mario Pull Out Guns, Super Mario '68 Comeback Special, Super Mario Pillow Biter, Mario F-Bomb, Super Mario Fustercluck, Super Mario Double Pounder, Mario Let's Leave, Super Mario Spin Kick and Heart Attack, Super Mario Too Cold to Bowl, Mario Paxil, Super Mario Afro Trim, Super September Mario, Mario Misspeller, Super Mario Bitch Slapper, Super Mario Inflatable Dart Board, Super Mario Rubber Lover, and Super Mario Sunglasses at Night.

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