Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Darth Vader
Tall, powerful, and the darkest of the dark. You've got armies, fleets, and the dark side of the Force wrapped around your little finger, but you still have a soft spot for that little wuss you call "son." How sweet.

Take the Imperial Test at Bucketheads!

Not much else to say really. I've seen Spider-Man and Attack of the Clones both twice now and I'm not sure which one I'll see again next... is that crazy? I can't even tell anymore. Anyway, if you're reading this please do me a favor and tell a friend (or a stranger) that you think might enjoy it, about me and my little website silliness. I don't know why, but I'd like for the site to grow a little more and develop a slightly larger following that would merit me dropping the cash to pay for some upgrades. Just an idea...

"Glorious whore rhymes." - Danny

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