Tuesday, March 12, 2002

I read this at The New York Times' website (nytimes.com) today and thought it was kinda interesting: "Paleontologists have found fossils of a feathered, flightless dinosaur that they say should settle once and for all that feathers originated before birds or flight." Kinda interesting, right? "The discoverers said the new fossils further supported the widely held view that birds evolved from dinosaurs. The fossil animal was identified as a dromaeosaur, a fast- running two-legged dinosaur related to Velociraptor. Its feathers are almost identical structurally to those of modern birds." "A few paleontologists and ornithologists still argue against the dinosaur-bird link, insisting that birds evolved independently from another reptile much earlier." Just another reason to be afraid of birds... bloody creepy they are if you ask me.

Want another science-y story that's possibly scary? Then check this one out about the strange X-rays that are pulsing from Jupiter's north pole every 45 minutes.

I got 2, count them TWO, postcards today. One of which was from glorious Canada! That makes two from Canada so far. Makes me plenty happy.

That's pretty funny, yo.

"She makes me feel like it's raining outside..."

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