Sunday, March 31, 2002

Happy Easter everybody!
To celebrate this glorious holiday let's hear from Seanbaby on the subject of The Flash :
"You've probably seen normal everyday people suddenly go into an unstoppable rage because someone took 1.5 seconds too long to figure out the light turned green. I've personally broken my face headbutting an ATM in nearly every state in our great country because sometimes I swear the machine has to send a slow-moving ATM troll through a series of secret underground tunnels to find my money. The Flash moves at about the speed of light, so in the one second it took for you to freak out in a movie line, approximately one hundred and five years went by from his point of view. That means if you take all the time there's been since Jesus was tortured to death to right now and add in the thousand years before Jesus where people worshipped half-eaten caveman babies, that's how long a thirty second Pepsi girl commercial lasts for the Flash."

God bless you Seanbaby.

Awesome awesome awesome. A thirty-five minute interview with Gary Cherone.
You can also download Gary's new song "Need I Say More". It's a pretty tight song that some might call a follow up to "More Than Words". It's a similar setup (only guitar and vocals) and it's about a relationship.. only this is the downside of the type of love that makes you want to sing "More Than Words" to someone.. like when it doesn't work out. Still a great song though.

Some random quotes from my little sister's website/profile that I liked or identified with...
"Without the bitter the sweet wouldn't be sweet, without the sad the happy wouldn't be happy, and without you I would not be me..."
"Don't ask the sun to always shine...It can't, the clouds exist...Don't ask the leaves not to fall...the wind exists...Dont ask me not to love... I cant YOU EXIST!"
"One day we'll look back at this and run into a parked car"
"Open minded students everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to Abercrombie and Fitch. Not since Hester Prynne has an embroidered "A" been such a clear indication of whom to avoid."
"Suicide is a way of telling God you can't fire me I quit."

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